15 Tips to Living a Healthier Life

Living Healthy is...

  1. Eating Nutritiously
  2. Sleeping Well
  3. Physical Activity

Healthy living is not only popular – it’s easy! Forget about 6 AM jogging and skipping every single dish you love; there are ways to stay healthy and live longer by simply adjusting your daily routines. Here we’ve listed 20 of them. Some may seem minor to you, but in a complex they can bring major health benefits. And the best part is – they don’t require much effort at all!

Eating Nutritiously

Eating healthy is the first step on the way to a generally healthy lifestyle, but we are not here to talk about merciless diets – just a few tweaks.

  • Do not skip breakfast and eat three meals a day, without overeating at dinner. Lots of people prefer to have coffee for breakfast – they could not be more wrong! The very first meal of the day kick-starts your metabolism and provides you with energy for the day.
  • Drink more water – at least eight glasses a day. It helps your body dissolve fats and soluble fiber, improving digestion and flushing waste. Sufficient water consumption improves energy levels and fights fatigue.
  • Diversify your diet or, as Jamie Oliver puts it, eat the rainbow. Food products of different colors deliver different types of nutrients to your body.
  • Cook your own meals – preferably from scratch (yes, no instant mixes!). Cooking doesn’t take that much time, yet it helps you control what exactly goes into your food.
  • Do not overeat; in fact, stand up from the table a little hungry – your body needs time to understand that it has been fed and produce the feeling of satiation.

Physical Activity

You'd be surprised how much exercise you can do by making easy daily choices.

  • Take the stairs – at least sometimes. Not only does it improve the way your bottom looks, but it is also good for your heart and weight management.
  • Do housework yourself instead of using the house cleaning service. All the sitting down and standing up, bending over to pick up toys and stretching to reach the upper shelves will give you an extra hour of quite intense exercise.
  • Don’t look for a cozy parking place right next to the mall – you can afford to walk from and back to your car. Of course, in popular malls and supermarkets remote parking happens naturally (if only you are not one of those who take handicapped spots. Don’t be that person).
  • Walk your dog if you have one. If not, maybe you should adopt a puppy? It is always a source of exercise, not to mention unconditional love and loyalty.
  • Do not drive to the shop on the corner – walk or cycle there. It doesn’t take much time.

Sleeping Well

If you get enough physical activity during the day, you should make sure your body and mind rest well during the night. To have healthy sleep patterns:

  • Sleep at least seven hours a day. You might feel awake after four or five hours, but the lack of sleep will hit you hard in the long run, resulting in mood swings, decreased concentration and fatigue.
  • Go to bed and get up at approximately the same time on weekdays and weekends to help your body develop sleeping patterns.
  • If you feel an urge to nap, do it in the first half of the day and limit it to 30 minutes. After-lunch energy slump can be overcome with a glass of cold water or a walk.
  • Make sure your feet and hands are warm at night. You might not notice it, but lower than necessary temperature of limbs can influence the quality of your sleep.
  • To help your body relax and restore to the fullest during the night, make sure bedroom is a cool, dark, quiet place, associated with rest (no working in bed!).
In essence, a healthy lifestyle boils down to this: diversify your diet, get exercise whenever you can and get proper rest. When you put it this way, it’s far from being a deal, don’t you think?